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Monday, 2023-11-20 to Sunday, 2023-11-26


Events Calendar at Bangalore International Centre. BIC is in Domlur.

Dinner at what is becoming a favourite restaurant of S - Khmer Kitchen

Met the “BBIT” twitter GC at the Tipsy Bull in Indiaranagar on Friday.

Attended “Sports day” at kids’ school on Saturday.

Best of Twitter

“Build a company, not a product.” – sama

“… had not built on this success, only triumphed & walked away.” – elst

Naval Life Formula

An impressive log of learning about AI #learning where I found out about: - remnote “Create flashcards in your notes that resurface at the best time for retention, using evidence-backed memory techniques.”


Have to finish my Generative AI with Large Language Models Coursera course. Recommending that


Text-rich Image Understanding

I asked and I was suggested to look at LLaVAR “Enhanced Visual Instruction Tuning for Text-rich Image Understanding”.

LLaVAR: The LLaVA model that can Read texts within images.

Zhang, Yanzhe, Ruiyi Zhang, Jiuxiang Gu, Yufan Zhou, Nedim Lipka, Diyi Yang, and Tong Sun. LLaVAR: Enhanced visual instruction tuning for text-rich image understanding,” 2023. https://arxiv.org/abs/2306.17107.

The github page of the project has good instructions on how to set up the local environment as well as running training, evaluation steps. The model weights are available on huggingface.

LoRA (Low Rank Adaptation)

 LoRA is among the most widely used and effective techniques for efficiently training custom LLMs. For those interested in open-source LLMs, it’s an essential technique worth familiarizing oneself with.

This is a good introduction: Practical Tips for Finetuning LLMs Using LoRA (Low-Rank Adaptation)

stas00/ml-engineering: Machine Learning Engineering Guides and Tools

[2311.10770] Exponentially Faster Language Modelling Belcak, Peter, and Roger Wattenhofer. “Exponentially faster language modelling,” 2023. https://arxiv.org/abs/2311.10770.

okay this is huge almost generational work imo – bighungrypigeon


Really cool demo of Ultorg, “a user interface for relational databases” based on the paper - Bakke, Eirik, and David R Karger. “Expressive query construction through direct manipulation of nested relational results,” 2016. by Eirik Bakke, google scholar citations.



PHP continues to impress focus on developer productivity and speed of bootstrapping.

I installed Laravel, then Laravel Jetstream, and then Laravel Spark. After ~2 minutes of configuring, I have a dashboard, a fully working Stripe integration with users, teams, 2FA, and API auth. – Arvid Kahl

From the same thread – Find Bugs Without Writing Tests with PHPStan (static analysis tool for PHP)

And the best part is: all you need to get started with PHP development is Laravel HerdMarcel

Laravel Herd

Laravel Herd One click PHP development environment. It is native macOS application. - Herd uses static binaries for PHP, nginx, and dnsmasq - Herd comes with PHP 7.4 - 8.3, and you can switch between any of these versions in seconds. Herd even lets you pin sites to specific PHP versions. Herd will automatically keep all of your PHP installations up to date. Testing the features of the latest PHP versions has never been easier. - Herd includes binaries for Composer, the Laravel installer, and Expose, making them available to your CLI automatically.

Advertised software on Herd:

Once you have installed Herd, you can start serving sites. By default, Herd will serve sites from the ~/Herd directory.

Setup DNSMasq on MacOS #dnsmasq

Never touch your local /etc/hosts file in OS X again. To setup your computer to work with *.test domains, e.g. project.test, awesome.test and so on, without having to add to your hosts file each time.

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Added My favorite technical blogs feeds to btnews

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