PyOhio 2010 notes


Day 1

Numerical Simulation


Historical Alternatives: FORTRAN, MATLAB and C (also, Ada, APL, BASIC …)



C and C++:



Log Analysis with Python

Presentation by Scott McCarty (@fatherlinux).

Log analysis. Why?


GUI tools
Distributing Apps

Day 2

vim openSpace lead by @mitechie

python + vim files on github:

todo in emacs: column edit demo using database ids check out awesome window manager. It is written in Lua, and hence hackable compared to xmonad.

To start quickfix window – :copen

Use the leader character. recommended - , (comma).


look up the book (apress?) ‘bash to zsh’.

plugins: * bufonly.vim * lusty juggler (get past the name!) * vcs plugin to work with git, hg, svn etc.,


by William McVey.


Hbase is a column oriented database built on top of Hadoop distributed filesystem.

Bloom filters allows you to efficiently look up sparsely populated columns.

Versioned Data

No joins.. there is no SQL. config, queries and updates are all performed via HBase API.

Schema design considerations:

Stargate – A RESTful web service on HBase. Thrift – cross lang. communication language. pip install hbase-thrift. Avro – (new) a fast binary data serialization protocol(?). avail only in dev. snapshots.

Dumbo – map/reduce API for Python at the HBase level.

Cloudera Hadoop distribution.

Fabric openspace.

protip: terminator –

fab -l

explore git’s make tag.

lightning talks