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Updated: Jan 10, 2020 by Pradeep Gowda.
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AA Rechargable batteries

video review by Project Farm.

  1. (2) Duracell 2450
  2. (2) IKEA Ladda 2450
  3. (4) Black Amazon Basics 1900
  4. (4) Eneloop 1900

I have the Eneloop, which seem to be quite decent.

AA Batteries

video review by Project Farm.

Costco Kirkland batteries which I got in 2017 or so, seem to be the worse of the lot. Get the Amazon Basics next time. The energizer (not the lithium) might be the best balance of value/perf (In the reviewers word).


I liked the Merlo Bellavitano cheese from Costco. $8.99/block. Dec 2019.