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Kabichandra Kalicharan Patnaik (1899-1978). The Odisha State Museum palm leaf manuscript illustrated by Dhananjaya is a must. Dr. Dinanath Pathy (1942-2016) eminent art historian compiled a book which provides a very holistic picture of Gitagovinda in Odisha’s traditions across music, dance, sculpture, etc. At the end is a translation by Mahamedhananda Saraswati. Must read. As an add on I would recommend the Gitagovinda edition published in the Orissa Oriental Text Series by Dept of Culture, Odisha. It has the wonderful Sarvanga-Sundari Tika of Kaviraja Narayana Dasa (one of the earliest tikas) and Śrutiranjani Tikā of Pandita Lakshmana Surī. – via Prateek Pattanaik.

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