Free Pascal

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See also: OmniPascal on Mac


Successful applications written in FreePascal/Delphi:

Mac Retina fix for lazarus: src


defaults write lazarus.freepascal.ide AppleMagnifiedMode NO


defaults write lazarus.freepascal.ide AppleMagnifiedMode YES

Object Pascal

On the mac

The official Mac Lazarus release I believe is built against the older 32-bit Carbon widgetset, whereas FPCUpDeluxe is available as both a 64-bit QT5-widgetset based app and a 64-bit Cocoa-widgetset based app, and can build you a 64-bit copy of Lazarus against either of those two backends (and more).


Web development


If you want a single IDE window simply install the anchor docking package. It docks all windows into one window with docked windows that can be moved around. src