Embedded databases

Updated: Feb 20, 2020 by Pradeep Gowda.

EJDB is the embeddable (in-process) database engine designed for querying collections of JSON documents and persisting data. EJDB is implemented as a C library based on Tokyo Cabinet key-value storage engine. EJDB design is inspired by Mongodb and follows the same philosophy , especially for the query language.

EJDB is good for: * In-process database for standalone desktop applications. (The SQLite niche); * Games development; * Simple server-side solution; * Whenever a fast in-process data-communication with storage layer is much preferred over TCP/IP transport;

FOSDEM 2020 - sled and rio

sled is an embedded database that takes advantage of modern lock-free indexing and flash-friendly storage. rio is a pure-rust io_uring library unlocking the linux kernel’s new asynchronous IO interface. This short talk will cover techniques that have been used to take advantage of modern hardware and kernels while optimizing for long term developer happiness in a complex, correctness-critical Rust codebase.