Emacs Cheatsheet

Updated: Jan 01, 2011 by Pradeep Gowda.
Tagged: emacs
  C-c C-s         +show source code for function
  C-c C-d         +show documentation for function
  C-c C-j         +show Javadoc for symbol at point

  C-c C-k         +compile Clojure file
  C-c M-n         +change nrepl namespace to current
  C-c M-o         +clear nrepl
  C-x C-e         +send sexp to nrepl
  C-c C-p         +eval form in popup
  C-c C-m         +macroexpand-1
  C-c M-m         +macroexpand-all

  C-c C-z         +go to nrepl buffer
  M-Tab           +auto-complete
  M-SPC           +delete all but 1 space
  M-\             +delete all whitespace (stops at first \W char)
  M-^             +join two lines delete whitespace and indentation
  C-x C-o         +delete blank lines around current line

  M-n             +nrepl command history next
  M-p             +nrepl command history prev

  C-c p D         +projectile-dired
  C-c p R         +projectile-regenerate-tags
  C-c p T         +projectile-find-test-file
  C-c p a         +projectile-ack
  C-c p b         +projectile-switch-to-buffer
  C-c p c         +projectile-compile-project
  C-c p d         +projectile-find-dir
  C-c p e         +projectile-recentf
  C-c p f         +projectile-find-file
  C-c p g         +projectile-grep
  C-c p i         +projectile-invalidate-cache
  C-c p k         +projectile-kill-buffers
  C-c p o         +projectile-multi-occur
  C-c p p         +projectile-test-project
  C-c p r         +projectile-replace
  C-c p s         +projectile-switch-project
  C-c p t         +projectile-toggle-between-implemenation-and-test
  C-c p z         +projectile-cache-current-file

  C-/             +undo-tree-undo
  C-?             +undo-tree-redo

  s--             +center-line
  s-:             +ispell
  s-;             +ispell-next
  s-h             +mark-paragraph
  s-j             +exchange-point-and-mark
  s-k             +kill-this-buffer
  s-l             +goto-line

  C-,             +quick-jump-go-back
  C-.             +quick-jump-push-marker
  C-<             +quick-jump-go-forward
  C-=             +er/expand-region
  C-x C-l         +downcase-region
  C-x C-n         +set-goal-column

  C-x C-t         +transpose-lines
  C-x C-u         +upcase-region
  C-x C-x         +exchange-point-and-mark

  C-x ^           +enlarge-window
  C-x `           +next-error

  C-M-@           +mark-sexp
  C-M-SPC         +mark-sexp
  C-M-a           +beginning-of-defun
  C-M-h           +mark-defun
  C-M-k           +kill-sexp
  C-M-t           +transpose-sexps

  C-M-o           +split-line

  C-M-v           +scroll-other-window
  C-M-l           +reposition-window

  M-$             +ispell-word
  M-c             +capitalize-word
  M-h             +help-command
  M-l             +downcase-word
  M-m             +back-to-indentation
  M-n             +outline-next-visible-heading
  M-p             +outline-previous-visible-heading
  M-t             +transpose-words
  M-u             +upcase-word
  M-{             +backward-paragraph
  M-}             +forward-paragraph

  M-|             +shell-command-on-region

  M-g M-g         +goto-line
  M-g M-n         +next-error
  M-g M-p         +previous-error

Some tips sourced from from: https://gist.github.com/christianromney/5974862